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MICROOMICS participa en el Bitxlamarató 2023

MICROOMICS participates on December 15th , 16th , and 17th , along with the Blood and Tissue Bank of Barcelona and the Department of Cellular Biology, Physiology, and Immunology of the Faculty of Medicine at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, in Bitsxlamarató 2023, which focuses on sexual and reproductive health.

The proposal supported by Microomics focuses on the role of the seminal microbiome in fertility and the investigation of differential profiles of microorganisms associated with reproductive problems. It also involves the development of bioinformatics and statistical tools that can shed light and provide solutions to modulate the microbiome of patients with fertility issues, thus improving their sexual and reproductive health.

An important part of male reproductive problems originates from molecular or cellular alterations such as sperm motility, sperm DNA fragmentation, or oxidative stress. The cause of these alterations is often unknown, but recent studies indicate that the microbiota could be involved. A bioinformatics platform that allows linking the metabolic and genomic information of bacteria associated with fertility parameters, and identifying bacterial groups with specific biological functions, will help to understand the cause of these alterations and explore probiotic solutions to improve the reproductive success of patients.


Once again, Microomics supports a call within the framework of La Marató de TV3.

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