Microomics continues to progress towards their vision of becoming a leading national and European provider of metagenomic analysis. 


From now on, Microomics Systems S.L. will be available among the services offered by the company Paralab Bio thanks to the commercial agreement between the two entities. In so doing, Paralab Bio will offer for the first time the service of this type of analysis to their customers. 


Paralab Bio (www.paralab-bio.es) is a division of Paralab, created in 2017 with the aim of segmenting its areas of activity. This division distributes scientific equipment for all areas of biosciences (especially with the object of study focused on proteins, genetic material, or cells), both at academic and laboratory or industrial level. Paralab was founded in 1992 to act as a distributor of scientific equipment for industrial and laboratory applications. It has thus become a reference company in the sector. 



With this collaboration, Microomics aims to reach more companies and research groups interested in the study of the microbiome. Our 360° comprehensive service includes advice at all stages of a project, from evaluating which metagenomic tool is the most suitable for the type of sample, through the stages of molecular biology (nucleic acid extraction and library preparation) and bioinformatics and statistical analysis, which is all summarized in a final delivery report. 


This agreement represents the continuous growth that the company is experiencing, which allows us to gradually approach our business vision and excellence in our services. 

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