4th Anniversary of Microomics


There is a highlighted date on the Microomics calendar: October 2017. That month, Microomics was incorporated as a spin-off of the CRG and ICREA that aimed to offer innovative and advanced solutions for the analysis of microbial communities through next generation sequencing technologies.

The excitement has remained throughout these 4 years and, after the pandemic, our mission to bring knowledge to the service of society has been further reinforced.

These 4 years of trajectory would not have been possible without all the groups and companies that have trusted us and from here we show them our sincere gratitude.


Each new project translates into new learning for us too, which allows us to continue working, in line with our values, on our goal to become one of the leading providers of economic analysis and microbial communities.

This is the beginning of a long journey that we hope to continue to enjoy alongside our customers and collaborators, remaining on the side of the scientific community and companies in the sector for many more years.

Pedro González

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