Bacterial Metagenomics

The bacterial composition of a sample will be profiled through the amplification and target sequencing of the  V3 and V4 variable region of the 16S ribosomal RNA (or 16S rRNA) using Illumina Miseq sequencing 300×2 approach. The service includes taxonomic affiliation, diversity and comparative profiling.


Agriculture and livestock

Pre and probiotics effect on animals.

New generation biofertilizers development.

Soil fertility functional characterization.

Detection of potential pathogens in several crops.

Microbiome characterizartion during improve/resistant crops screening.

Health-Care: clinicians and pharma

White rooms monitoring.

Diets monitoring.

Odontological clinics: Monitoring dental pathogens.

Consumer goods industry

Monitoring biofermentative products.

Prophylactic crisis: Zoonosis and human pathogens.

Increase of expiration dates.

Water quality control.

Research centers

Human diseases characterization: Obesity, diabetes, Crhon's disease, Celiac disease.

Environmental studies: oceans, soil, water.

Biomarkers detection.

Pre and probiotics assays.


High level of advice in the experimental design

q30 quality guaranteed for almost 70% reads

Validation with various software and custom pipeline

Custom report and faster results (less than 8 weeks)

Service Inquiry Bacterial Metagenomics

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