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Microomics Incorporation

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Microomics S.L. has been incorporated the 14th of  september 2017 as a Biotech spin-off company of the CRG (Centre for Genomic Regulation) and the participation of ICREA (Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies).  Microomics is specialized in microbiome analysis, being the fist biotech company in the national territory that  focuses in metagenomics solutions. Microomics will grow within the exciting environment of the Barcelona Biomedicine Research Park (PRBB). Strengths of the company are the high technical expertise and top-notch research facilities, combined with attractive strategic partnerships and academic collaborations.

The incorporation act gathered representatives of both founding institutions, Luis Serrano (CRG) and Emilià Pola (ICREA), and the two co-funder scientists: Juan Antonio Gabaldón Estevan Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and Pedro Iñaki González Torres Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  and Chief Operative Officer (COO).

Pedro Iñaki González thanked the support of the institutions to this exciting project wishing that the best is to come.

Pedro Gonzalez, Microomics CEO, at FEMS2017

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The last 9-13 June took place in Valencia (Spain) the 7th congress of European Microbiologist, promoted by the Federation of European Microbiological Societies (FEMS) and the Spanish Society for Microbiology (SEM). Established in 1974, FEMS is now an active and diverse federation of 53 European learned societies that includes around 30,000 professionals who are committed to advancing microbiology for the benefit of society.  Located in 36 European countries, around half of these professionals are early career researchers, and the remainder include industry scientists, established academics, educators and campaigners. The Spanish Society for Microbiology (SEM) hosted the meeting.

This meeting put in scene an excellent joint scientific programme covering many disciplines and relevant hot research topics in microbiology: antimicrobial resistance and infections, food microbiology, sustainability, climate change as well as other fundamental topics in microbiology were covered.  With more than 5,000 scientific presentations Pedro Gonzalez, Microomics CEO and SEM member, assisted to this strategic meeting, and took the opportunity to present some of his own scientific research and network with  with collaborators.

Microomics S, at B-Debate 2017

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The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome 2017. From Microbes to Medicines

The Barcelona Debates on the Human Microbiome – From Microbes to Medicines, organized by B·Debate, an initiative of Biocat and “la Caixa” Foundation, co-organized with IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Center, brought together international renowned experts from different disciplines currently investigating the microbiome.  The meeting was  a unique opportunity to know first-hand the latest research findings of microbiome studies applied in areas such as healthy aging, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, infectious diseases and digestive diseases. The human microbiome is essential for human health and body functioning. As scientists we are beginning to elucidate the enormous scientific and therapeutic potential of the human microbiome in almost all medical fields.

Discussions were also focus on the emerging importance of the interaction between fungal and bacterial communities and its impact on health. Scientific leaders of this debate were Bonaventura Clotet from IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Center and Roger Paredes from IrsiCaixa AIDS Research.

Amongst the scientists that attended this important event were Microomics founders, Toni Gabaldón and Pedro González. Toni Gabaldón scientist responsible for “Saca La Lengua” project in the CRG, presented the project, one of the largest citizen-science projects around the microbiome. Dr. Gabaldón explained that over 3000 citizens have so far participated in this project which has served not only to provide an accurate snapshot of the oral microbiome but also to spread knowledge about genomics and microbes through the engagement of citizens in a real scientific project.

Microomics wins the Science to Bussiness Concept Challenge

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Microomics was awarded the first price of the CRG’s Science to Bussiness (S2B) Concept Challenge. This award, which included some seed money and expertise support allowed the development of Microomics (by then MicrobioMx) into a competitive Spin-Off proposal.

Finalists of the S2B Concept Challenge 2016 edition were evaluated by a committee consisting of two industry experts, two investors, a CRG group leader, and a member of the Technology and Business Development Office (TBDO). The evaluation committee awarded the MicrobioMx project, of which they greatly appreciated the scalable business model and the straightforward path to market of the future CRG spin-off.

MicrobioMx (now Microomics) will offer commercial grade services in the expanding market of metagenomics analysis of living organisms and their environments, backed by the CRG group leader and ICREA research professor Dr. Toni Gabaldón’s know-how in the sector of metagenomics and by Dr. Pedro González’s business and technical experience in the field of metagenomics services.

Salvatore Cappadona, Pedro González, Pablo Cironi, and Toni Gabaldon.The company will dedicate its first phase of operations to build a customizable Minimum Viable Service (MVS) to target private clinics, pharma and food companies. The MVS will mostly hold on CRG existing infrastructure, which has already proven sound throughout several national and international large-scale metagenomics projects, like the citizen science project “Saca la Lengua” aimed at studying the oral microbiome and its possible relationship with lifestyle and environmental conditions.

“The business model we proposed assumes low initial investment and fixed operational costs, allowing the company to reach sustainability and stability in a short period of time and to evolve accordingly to income generated through its sales and from participating in national and European public-private partnerships and consortiums,” explains Toni Gabaldón.  In parallel, the spin-off will foster fruitful R&D collaborations with research institutes and hospitals, to start building its own IP portfolio and create value for its shareholders.