Digital Marketing & Sales Manager

Sílvia Asturias

Sílvia Asturias is a microbiologist from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and, during the course of her studies, she became an expert in both classical molecular biology techniques and new NGS technologies to study microbial communities.

Her experience with the public service in different sectors has given her the domain of people management and team leadership, while she has developed different strategies to achieve the proposed objectives, key pieces to be able to have a remarkable performance within her new position as part of the sales team. In addition, her proactive and curious nature has motivated her to study a double master’s degree in business management (MBA) and commercial management and marketing, in which she is acquiring and perfecting her skills to lead our Commercial Department.

If we had to define Sílvia in three words, these would be: joy, eager and enthusiasm, which is why she represents a fundamental part of the Microomics team.