Lab Technician

Sara Marrupe

Sara Marrupe is an Analysis and Control Laboratory technician and Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory technician. She began his professional career at the Quantitative Biological Analysis Laboratory of the Department of Molecular Genetics of the CID-CSIC. She worked there for more than 10 years in the detection of GMOs for agri-food companies, she gained experience in the main techniques of molecular biology (purification of nucleic acids, PCR and qPCR). In addition, she participated in the implementation of the ISO standard of Quality Management System and provided technical support with different omics techniques in national and European projects. Subsequently, she worked in the Plant Genetics Department of IRTA participating in different research projects. At this stage, she became acquainted with NGS techniques, carrying out the preparation of sequencing libraries (Illumina). During her nearly 15 years of experience as a senior technician specialized in molecular biology, Sara has acquired qualities such as good organization, rigorousness and reproducibility of working protocols. Therefore, it is a key part of our team, bringing its experience and skills.