Co-Founder, CEO & COO

Pedro González

Pedro González holds a PhD in Molecular Microbial Ecology and a Degree in Biology from the University of Alicante (extraordinary prize and honourable mention).
In his pre-doctoral stage he acquired skills in both molecular techniques and bioinformatics tools.
He then completed his post-doctoral studies in the field of metagenomics at international reference centres such as the CRG and his business studies at the IE Business School in Madrid, and created the metagenomics area at the Institute of Genomic Medicine (IMEGEN) in the Valencia Science Park.
His publications focus on the use of comparative genomics and NGS to study the origin, evolution and structure of microbial communities.
His academic and business background has provided him with the experience, entrepreneurial skills and interdisciplinary skills necessary to co-found and lead Microomics as CEO and COO.