Lab Manager

Nuria Escudero

Nuria Escudero is a PhD specialized in plant pathology and biological control at the molecular level. During her research career she has applied different -omics techniques to the study plant parasitic nematodes, antagonist microorganisms, and plant interactions. Nuria has collaborated with both national and international research institutions as well as agricultural companies.

Her incorporation to Microomics means for her a natural professional transition and personal growth, both from the applied research, and from a technical perspective. Therefore, in her position as Lab Manager she will exploit communicative aspects and her skills to adapt and bring the most relevant technological developments to academics and companies in the sector, incorporating emerging technologies as she has been doing throughout her professional career.

Given her research profile, her incorporation into the Microomics team supposes a boost in the R+D+i area of the company. With a broad knowledge in molecular techniques, her incorporation is a key decision for the laboratory area of ​​the company, also contributing significantly to the improvement of our services, their evolution and technological updating, with the purpose of being always at the forefront of new technologies that put NGS sequencing at the service of our society.