Commercial Delegate Northeast Zone

Luca De Vincenti

Luca De Vincenti holds a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Milan (UNIMI, Italy), with a Master’s Degree in Plant Production and Protection (A cum laude), and a degree in Biology from the same university.
His research career has focused on analysing the mechanisms of biofilm formation in different environments, where he has developed alternative ways to eliminate them, including the application of nanoparticles and bioactive compounds. His interest has allowed him to get involved in and coordinate different projects at national and European level, and thanks to a European grant he has had the opportunity to further deepen his line of research in the Faculty of Agriculture at Auburn University (Alabama, USA). After his stay abroad, he has finally finished his doctoral thesis focused on the host-pathogen relationship of bacteria and phytopathogenic fungi in the form of biofilms.
After completing his time in research, Luca embarked on a new direction by specialising in sales and digital marketing, obtaining a master’s degree at The Power Business School. This fusion of scientific knowledge and commercial point of view has made him a versatile professional with a unique perspective.
Luca is distinguished by his excellent interpersonal and communication skills. His ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds, coupled with his strong scientific background, enables him to bring knowledge and facilitate convergence between science and business, driving technological innovation and development.