Analyst & Metagenomics Specialist

Belén Carbonetto

Belen Carbonetto holds a PhD in biology awarded by the University of Buenos Aires. She has more than 10 years in microbiome analysis. Her first steps in research were taken in Argentina analyzing the impact of high input agriculture on soil and root- associated microbiomes. This was held within several multidisciplinary projects involving both academia and agro-biotech companies.  She was also part of the pioneer team who set up the first highthouput sequencing lab and developed the first pilot study on local human gut microbiome in her country. She was later a postdoctoral fellow at the INRA- Supagro in France where she worked in the characterization of yeast diversity in food ecosystems.  Before becoming part of Microomics she was responsible for user support and training within the Bioinformatics Unit of the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência in Portugal where she was involved in more than 16 research projects studying the microbiome of experimental models such as mice and zebrafish.

She leads Microomics one step forward in Bioinformatics by developing customized solutions and taking advantage of her knowledge and skills as a natural transition from the academy to the applied sciences.